The Oran R-III School District is located in Scott County in Southeast Missouri, approximately 140 miles due south of St. Louis, in a small town called Oran. It is a small district with 354 students enrolled in grades K-12. Teachers strive each day to help "Eagles Learn to Fly."

Oran Students Demonstrating their Oran Eagle Pride

Food Service Information Update

August 2, 2022

The meals we serve are an important part of each and every child’s day. After speaking with our food service vendor we are NOT anticipating the supply shortage issues we experienced last year. Our menu should be more accurate this year and will hopefully help in your planning for your child’s meals. If we experience any unexpected changes, we will communicate them with you.

We are no longer getting waivers to extend the Seamless Summer Option regarding our food service program through DESE. With these waivers gone we will not be able to provide free breakfasts and lunches to your child for the 2022-23 school year.

We will be providing our normal breakfasts and lunches at a minimal cost. If you do have any questions, please contact your child’s building principal.

Lunch prices for the 2022 school year.

Student Breakfast $1.35
K-6 Lunch $2.00
7-12 Lunch $2.30
Adult Lunch $2.30

Additional Tea/Milk/Lemonade $.40

My Positive Post to The Oran Community

     At Oran R-III we are intentional about not only finding the good in our children but letting them know about it as well. Something important I have learned in the education business is that you do not have good kids without good parents. For a positive postal we normally contact parents to inform them of their child's latest positive endeavor and to thank them as well. Last March we were all hit with a horrific new reality known as Covid. To say it has been hard on our community, school, and, most importantly, children would be an understatement. We have worked through virtual learning, a bond project, dreaded quarantines, mask mandates, serious health concerns, and many more challenges. Through all of this, the community and parents have simply been AWESOME to work with. The words patience, grace, compassion, and support are what come to mind when I reflect on this challenging and changing experience. We are not entirely out of the weeds with Covid, but I remain optimistic we will see better days and that is due, in large part, to the GREAT community and parents we have that make up this school district that is so very special to me. In closing, I simply want to say thank you. I understand we are not perfect as no one is, but as long as we continue to focus on doing what is best for our children it will be the right thing. Thank you all and have a Merry Christmas.


Proud Superintendent
Dr. Adam E. Friga

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