Teacher Application

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position with the Oran R-III School District. We ask that the following items be addressed as a part of the application process:

  • Complete the application form below.
  • Submit a copy of your latest transcript(s) with the application using the file upload link on the application. An official copy of your transcripts(s) will be required if you are employed. 
  • Submit a copy of your Missouri teaching certificate or verification of eligibility for a Missouri teaching certificate through email at [email protected].
  • Submit 2 recent letters of recommendation through email at [email protected].
  • A criminal records check and fingerprint check will be conducted upon employment. If you have proof of completion of a criminal check and fingerprint check, please submit through email at [email protected]. Full employment is contingent upon satisfactory record completion.
  • All requirements must be met in order to be considered for employment.

All completed applications will be sent to [email protected] after you submit the application.  

Your application will become active once all of the above information has been received. Your application will remain active until June 30th at which time you must resubmit a new application. Please call the Superintendent's Office at (573) 262-2330 if you have any questions about the application process.

Thank you again for your interest, and we will be looking forward to receiving your application.


Adam Friga

Superintendent of School

Teacher Application

The Oran R-3 School is an equal opportunity employer. The School District considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability. If you have a disability or handicap which may require accommodation for you to participate in our application process (including filling out this form, interviewing or any other pre-employment procedure or requirement), please make us aware of any accommodation you feel is necessary. If you have any inquiries, complaints or concerns about any pre-employment procedure or requirement, including completing this application, or about the District policy of non-discrimination, you may contact the superintendent of schools at (573) 262-2330, opt. 4.

High School(573) 262-3345, opt. 2Joe Shoemaker, Principal[email protected]
Elementary(573) 262-3435, opt. 1Travis Spane, Principal[email protected]
Superintendent(573) 262-2330, opt. 4Adam Friga, Superintendent[email protected]
  • Today's Date
  • Name (First Middle Last)
  • Other names that may appear on your transcript or records
  • Social Security Number
  • Email
  • Driver's License #/State
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address (Street Address & PO Box, State, Zip)
  • Permanent Address (Street Address & PO Box, State, Zip)
  • Cell Phone #
  • Home Phone #
  • Date Available
  • Are you or have you been a member of PSRS or PEERS Retirement?
  • Certification Type
  • Other
  • State
  • Subject(s)
  • Grade Level(s)
  • Expiration Date(s)
  • Other information regarding your Certification and/or certification status:
  • Position(s) for which you are applying:
  • Subject(s)
  • Grade Level(s)
  • Extra duty positions you may be interested in sponsoring or coaching:
  • Educational Preparation (Please list all High School and College/Universities - Name and Location; Dates of Attendance; Name of Degree; Overall GPA)
  • Teaching Experience (If none, list Student Teaching Experience - District Names and Addresses; Position; Dates of Employment; Number of years; Supervisor; Phone)
  • Other Work Experience (Employer Name and Full Address; Position; Dates of Employment; Number of Years; Supervisor; Phone)
  • References (Name; Address; Phone; Email Address)

Employment Questions

  • Have you ever been arrested for, or charged with or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? (Exclude traffic offenses for which you were not sentenced to jail or for which the fine was less than $100).
  • Have you ever pleaded guilty or no contest to a felony or misdemeanor? (Exclude traffic offenses for which you were not sentenced to jail or for which the fine was less than $100).
  • Has the Missouri Division of Family Services or a similar agency in any other state or jurisdiction, every issued a determination or finding of cause or reason to believe or suspect that you have engaged in physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse or neglect of a child?
  • Have you ever failed to be re-employed by an educational institution?
  • If the answer to any of the foregoing questions is "yes" please explain.


By hitting the submit button I acknowledge and agree to the following provisions as a consideration of my application for employment: (1) I hereby authorize my current and former employers and references to furnish any information about me and about my work experience. I release my current and former employers and references from any and all liabilities or damages of any nature as a result of providing such information. My current and former employers and references may rely on a signed copy of this release. (2) I understand and consent to have criminal and arrest record checks as well as background checks by the Missouri Division of Family Services as a condition for consideration of my application for employment. (3) I certify that the answers given in this application are true and complete to the very best of my ability.


Security Measure